Access Computers, Printers, Scanners, and Copiers


Pitkin County Library provides access to twenty two computers. Two "express computers" are limited to twenty minutes. You will also find computers on each floor of the library to search the catalog. The Children’s room provides access to four computers that are well suited to teaching older children how to effectively use the internet and develop other basic computing skills. We also provide access to two computers in the children’s room that are designed for use by younger children. 

To sign on to a computer, simply choose a computer that is not in use and sign on using your thirteen digit library card number. If you have forgotten your card please show a photo ID and we will be happy to give you your number. If you are a visitor a temporary pass can be obtained at a Circulation desk on presentation of a photo ID and proceed to sign on. If all of the computers are in use, please use the reservation/print release kiosk to make a reservation for the next available computer.

Use of the computers is limited to four hours a day.

All computers are equipped with the Microsoft Office Suite. 

For wireless network information click here.


It is possible to print from any of the public access computers. Printing costs 10 cents per page and 25 cents per color page. To print, press PRINT on any of the public computers, and then release the print job from the print release kiosk. If you are printing a document that is attached to an email, please download the original document to maintain the document’s proper formatting. Do not print from web based document viewers.    


The copier on the main floor doubles as a scanner. You will need a flash drive to store your document. Push the SCANNER button and then click on STORE FILE and choose STORE TO MEMORY DEVICE. Then push START and follow the instructions on the display.

3D Printer

Use of the 3D Printer is limited to patrons aged 13 or older and requires a one-hour training session with a staff member. The 3D Printer is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Click here to Book-A-Librarian to get your training.

Copy Machines

There are two, self-serve copy machines on the main floor of the library. Black and white copies cost ten cents. Color copies cost twenty-five cents.


The library maintains one typewriter for those requiring the service.


The library maintains one microfilm reader that can be used to view our extensive newspaper archive. The microfilm reader is attached to a printer. Printing costs 10 cents per page. Feel free to ask a librarian for assistance.