Patron Passwords

Starting on March 28, 2023 passwords will be required for all library accounts (including teens and kids). 

Do I have to have a password?

Yes, passwords will be required: 

You do not need a password:

  • to use self-checkout machines
  • to work or hang out in the library building
  • to access WiFi
  • to participate in library events
  • to use the Library Lab
  • to use the copier
  • to scan documents
  • to access Hoopla
  • to make meeting room reservations
  • to access library computers
  • to print at the library

*Password Tip for Parents/Caregivers

If you have multiple family members with library cards, you can choose the same password for each cardholder so you don’t have to juggle multiple passwords in order to access online accounts and services.

How do I reset or update my password?

Click on “My Account” at the top of the website.

Click on the “Reset My Password” link/text.

Enter your library card number and click “Submit”. You will be emailed a link to change your password.

Enter your library card number and new password and click on Save Changes.

New passwords MUST consist of at least six alpha-numeric characters. You must have a valid library card and email account to update or reset your password on your own.

Can staff reset my password?

Staff can help you to reset your password by updating your account in our library system. However, we cannot choose your new password. We will set a temporary password or have you manually type in your password. You must come in-person and have your library card number or photo ID.

Can I still use my library card if I forgot my password?

Yes, but only to check out books and other library items in-person at the library. Bring your library card number or photo ID and items to any library-staffed desk to check out without a password.

Can staff tell me my password if I forget?

No. The password is encrypted information, so staff cannot access it. However, you can come to the library in person to change your password (please bring your library card number or photo ID). 

You can also choose the "Forgot My Password" option in "My Account".

You will need a valid email in order to retrieve or reset a forgotten password.

Do I need to use my library card password for online databases and resources?

It depends. If you already created an account with your email and a password, you should not need to use your library card password. For example, Hoopla Digital already asks for a password when logging in to your account, so you would not need an additional password.

If you do not enter a password when you login to your account, you will need to use your library card and library card password. For example, Libby does not require you to login in with an email and password, so you will have to login with your library card and library card password.

Why is the library requiring passwords?

This change will require current cardholders to use a password to access the “My Account” features online, to access some databases and eResources, and to complete some in-library services such as printing. The decision to implement passwords in Sierra was reached via extensive discussion in the Privacy, Security, and Accessibility Committee, Marmot Council, Marmot leadership, and the Marmot Executive Board. 

We prioritize the protection of patron privacy as a core tenant of the Library Bill of Rights. Colorado law also requires that “reasonable steps” be taken to protect personally identifiable information. Implementing passwords for access to patron data is a reasonable step.

Passwords are for more than just keeping patron reading history private. Personally identifiable information such as personal contact information can be more easily accessed without passwords in place - information that has the potential to result in identity theft or other crimes.

(Information from Marmot Library Network, Sierra Passwords).  

For more questions and answers visit Marmot Library Network, Sierra Passwords FAQ.

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