The Pitkin County Library requires Fiber Internet service at a minimum of 200 Mbps and a maximum of 5 Gbps. The goal is to maximize bandwidth while still using cost effective solution.

  • We need pricing for 200M – 5G in 100M increments.  Contract must allow the library to file for higher bandwidth than immediately needed and have the ability to increase as needed during the contract term with no contract extension or modification.
  • Contract must not “Auto renew” at the end of the term.
  • Include cost for month to month service at the end of the contract for maximum quoted data rate.
  • All bids must include the associated taxes and fees (simply stating "applicable taxes and fees" is NOT acceptable).
  • Not including all items listed could eliminate your bid from the evaluation process.
  • Any proposal received for this 470, regardless of service provider, that includes equipment and/or components within equipment that is from companies that have been banned by the FCC, will be considered non-responsive and will be disqualified. If a service provider submits a proposal in response to this 470 they are certifying that the equipment and/or components of the equipment they are proposing are not from any FCC banned companies.
  • Pricing must be valid throughout the funding year.  
  • Any quote/proposal submitted that does not specifically address the services requested, is generic in nature or otherwise does not meet the requirements contained in this Form 470 may be considered non-responsive and may be disqualified.
  • Quotes must include all applicable taxes or will be subject to disqualification.
  • The quote must clearly identify E-rate-eligible and non-eligible items.
  • Any pricing proposed must comply with the FCC Lowest Corresponding Price Rule as required by the Universal Service First Report and Order then restated in the FCC E-Rate Modernization Report and Order, adopted July 11, 2014. The FCC Lowest Corresponding Price rule prohibits an E-rate services offeror from offering or charging E-rate applicants a price higher than the lowest price that the offeror charges to non-residential customers who are similarly situated to a particular school, library, rural health care provider or consortium that purchase directly from the offeror.

Vendor visits to the premises are available on request.

Our application number is 220006253.