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AtoZdatabases’ Premier Business Database has over 30 million U.S. business & executive profiles. Detailed data includes: industry specifics, employee size, sales, competitors, executive titles and email addresses, historic data, and more! Search by geography, industry, executives, ownership and much more!
A full-text, searchable archive of Bloomberg Businessweek.
Business resources including journals, industry reports, market research, company profiles, SWOT analyses and more.
The Colorado Department of Labor's site for job postings and job listings, resume building, PEAK social assistance services, etc. 
A full-text, searchable archive of Forbes Magazine.
A full-text, searchable archive of Fortune Magazine.
Available through Libby, The Great Courses provides unlimited access to the world's most engaging professors and immersive learning experiences, covering a wide variety of subjects.
A comprehensive resource for all learners, young and old.  Learning Express includes study guides and practice tests for academic standardized tests, courses and/or eBooks for professional licenses, such as electricians and real estate licensure, EMT tests, US citizenship tests, postal workers and more, resume building and interview guides, and skill building in subject areas such as algebra, reading, vocabulary, etc. 
Make your work goals a reality—start a new career or advance in your current field.
A fully searchable database and collection of full text legal reference books and legal forms pertaining to business law, family law, real estate rights and disputes, immigration and travel, financial planning and more.