Use the Library in Snowmass Village

The Pitkin County Library is present in Snowmass Village at three different locations.

  • Borrow an honor book or use a public computer at the Town Hall.
  • Return honor books to the Town Hall.
  • Pick up your holds and return items at the Recreation Center.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept donations in Snowmass Village. Please bring all donations to the Library in Aspen.

Drop Box

There is a drop box outside the Snowmass Recreation Center. You can return your library materials there.

Snowmass Recreation Center

  • Items can be returned to the drop box at the Recreation Center.
  • Holds can be picked up at the Recreation Center (970.922.2240) in Snowmass Village.
  • Be sure you choose Snowmass Village as your pick-up location when you place your hold.
  • You will receive an email when your materials arrive in Aspen.
  • Allow a few days for your holds to arrive at the Rec Center.
  • Your items will already be checked out to you.
  • Please claim your hold items at the Snowmass Rec Center within 8 days.

Town Hall

Next to the Snowmass Center, the Town Hall houses a room where you will find Honor Books and a computer with a  printer for public use. Unfortunately, the Library is not able to pick-up ANY materials in Snowmass Village, so please do not leave any Library Materials or donations there.

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