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Next Meeting:  March 8, 2012

 Library Meeting Room



MINUTES of the March 7, 2012, regular meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees.


ROLL CALL :  Trustees present:  Jim Moran, Barbara Reid, John Wilkinson, Judy Wrigley, Austine Stitt, Judi Harris  Also present:  Nina Eisenstat, Willis Pember, Jody Smith and Tom Oken.


PUBLIC COMMENT:  There was no public comment.


MINUTES:  Jim Moran made a motion that the minutes of the meetings on February 15,  February 22 and March 1 be approved as written.  Barbara Reid seconded the motion which carried unanimously.


LIBRARIAN’S REPORT:  There was no written librarian’s report but Kathy reported on a meeting that she, John, Barbara and Suzanne Jackson had with Jon Peacock, County Manager, and Phyllis Mattice, Assistant County Manager, concerning how to proceed regarding the land use application to the City of Aspen.


Kathy submitted a memo of interest to the Board of County Commissioners updating library activities as they relate to the County’s new strategic plan.


NEW BUSINESS :  Willis Pember presented 2 proposals from architectural artists.  It was decided to contract with Jeremy Kay to produce up to 5 images at $500 each.


Jody Smith, County Facilities Manager, reported that the facilities audit found that the replacement of T12 bulbs and fixture parts will be required and that she will buy a supply so that fixtures can be replaced at the time of construction.


Tom Oaken, Financial Officer for Pitkin County, presented a report on the Library Capital Fund with assets to date of  $5,546,204.


OLD BUSINESS:  Nina Eisenstat handed out copies of a prepared press release, library fact sheet, frequently asked questions and project talking points.



March 8—special meeting with staff—11:00

April 3—City P and Z meeting

April 4—regular meeting—12:00

May 9—regular meeting—12:00


ADJOURNMENT:  On a motion by Austine and seconded by Barbara, the Board voted unanimously to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,

Judi Harris, acting secretary

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