Financial Literacy

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Learn how to spend and save!

Financial Literacy means becoming well versed in the language of money. It is the ability to understand how you make money, manage money, invest money, and give money (to charity or to help others). Financial Literacy includes learning skills like budgeting, refinancing, investing, and buying big items (car, house, college education, etc.). 

Financial Literacy Events for Teens

We want to help teens learn about their finances so they can feel well prepared to live on their own. 

Check back later for upcoming workshops.


We have some amazing resources for teens for learning financial literacy skills and aid in paying for higher education. You can also check out additional investing and financial literacy resources here! 

Candid: Grants to Individuals

Find your next scholarship, fellowship or grant! Access this resource in the Library only. 

College Board: Big Futures

Learn how to pay for college, unlock financial aid, and find scholarships just for you.

Common Cents for Colorado

Studies have shown that taking time once a year to consider personal financial goals is a “must-do” task in the creation of financial security. The Common Cents for Colorado program gives participants the chance to do just that - reviewing classic, time-tested methods for building a solid financial future. 


Also known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If you plan on going to college this is a good website to start looking for college scholarship information.


Information on financial aid for college and tips on how to help ease the burden of college expenses.

Money As You Grow

For kids and teens and parents! This website, put together by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, helps parents start financial conversations with kids and teens. Activities and conversation outlines are included!

Saving for College

This website provides information for parents on 529 Plans which help families save for education.

Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind Our Best and Worst Financial Decisions

From the documentary Thinking Money, Professor Sheena Iyengar illustrates how we react to the overload of choices we experience when we are faced with too many options. (Published on Oct 14, 2014).

Book Recommendations

Check out our numerous books for teens and adults on financial literacy for tips and trick to making the most of your paycheck, paying off loans, or avoiding loans when possible. Below are a few recommended titles to get you started.