Library Board Meeting

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                                                                                       Next Meeting:  March 7, 2012

                                                                                                                 12:00 Noon

                Library Meeting Room



MINUTES of the March 1, 2012, special meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees.


ROLL CALL:  Trustees present:  Barbara Reid, John Wilkinson, Judy Wrigley, Jim Moran, Judi Harris.  Also present:  Kathy Chandler, County Librarian, Willis Pember, Nina Eisenstat, and John Keleher.


PUBLIC COMMENT:  There was no public comment.


OLD BUSINESS:   After a brief discussion of the mission statement, the new mission statement was approved.


A report was given by Barbara and Kathy on the presentation of the plans for the renovation of the library at the meeting of the city/county design review committee.  Representing the library were Kathy Chandler, Barbara Reid, John Wilkinson, Willis Pember,  Nina Eisenstat  and Suzanne Jackson.


NEW BUSINESS:  Nina Eisenstat presented the Pitkin County Library Strategic Communications and Community Outreach Plan.  It was agreed that architectural artists should be contacted to pursue obtaining enhanced renderings of the proposed building.



March 7—regular meeting—12:00

March 8-special meeting with staff—11:00

[April 3-City P and Z]

April 4-regular meeting—noon

May 9--noon


ADJOURNMENT:  On motion of Judy Wrigley, seconded by Judi Harris, the Board voted unanimously to adjourn.


Respectfully submitted, 


Judi Harris, acting secretary

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