Library Board Meeting

Meeting Date

Next Meeting:  August 12, 2014 9:00 a.m. Clocktower


TRUSTEES ON AUGUST 6, 2014.   The meeting was called to order at 12:15.

ROLL CALL:  Trustees in attendance:  Austine Stitt, Jim Moran, Judy Wrigley, John Wilkinson, Barbara Reid, Barbara Smith and Judi Harris as well as County Librarian Kathy Chandler.  Also in attendance were Assistant County Librarian, Jocelyn Durrance, Jodi Smith, Jim Curtis, Pam Hopkins and Judy Clausen.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  There was no public comment.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  A motion was made by Austine Sitt to approve the minutes of the Board meeting on July 16, 2014.  The motion was seconded by Jim Moran.  Barbara Smith suggested that the Christmas party should not be called a “pot luck”.   After that change, the motion was passed unanimously.

UPDATE ON COORDINATION WITH CITY:  Jim Curtis has been working on the construction agreement which details interaction between the construction on the plaza and the library.  He hopes to submit this document to the City in about 2 weeks.  Pam Hopkins reported that she will be able to submit the request for the building permit to the City by October 15, 2014.

ROOF REPAIR:  Jodi Smith reported that the repairs on the library roof will begin on Monday, August 11, and continue for about 4 weeks.

FUNDRAISING:  Judy Clausen presented a mock-up of a fundraising envelope which she

thought would work well for our annual Friends of the Library mailing.  She continues to work

with Jocelyn Durrance and Martha Durgy to increase outreach to inform the public of the

construction plans and lay the groundwork for the capital campaign and to create a database of

donor records.

REVIEW PROPOSED RENOVATION AND ADDITION:  Pam Hopkins reported that her firm has put together the coordination plans and is making good progress in getting agreement among all contractors and subcontractors.

FUTURE MEETINGS:  In addition to regularly scheduled Board meetings, the Board will meet with Pam Hopkins every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. for the next 6 weeks beginning August 12.

Regular board meetings:

September 10, 2014

October 8, 2014

November 12, 2014

December 7, 2014 at 6:00—Volunteers’ Holiday Party

ADJOURNMENT:  A motion was made by Barbara Smith to adjourn the meeting at 2:18.  The motion was seconded by Barbara Reid and passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Judi Harris



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