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Next Meeting: April 3, 2013


Library Meeting Room

MINUTES of the meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees on March 13, 2013. Meeting was called to order at 12:05.

ROLL CALL: Trustees present: Jim Moran, John Wilkinson, Barbara Reid, Barbara Smith, Judi Harris, Austine Stitt and Judy Wrigley.  County Librarian Kathy Chandler and Assistant Library Director Jocelyn Durrance were also present.

PUBLIC COMMENT: There was no public comment.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion was made by John Wilkinson and seconded by Jim Moran that the minutes of three previous meetings on January 20, 2013, January 27, 2013, and February 13, 2013, be approved as read. The motion carried unanimously.


Kathy has had meetings with the City Council and the County Commissioners presenting the idea that the library still has needs to be addressed and still has plans to expand in the future.

Kathy has met with the Aspen Historical Society concerning digitization of additional editions of the Aspen Times. Motion was made by John Wilkinson and seconded by Austine Stitt that the library send $33,000.00  to the Aspen Historical Society to help with that project.  Motion passed unanimously pending approval of the original donor.

REPORT OF THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The nominating committee composed of Austine Stitt, Barbara Smith and Judi Harris proposed the following the following slate of officers.  President-John Wilkinson, Vice President-Jim Moran, Secretary-Judi Harris, Treasurer-Barbara Reid.  Austine Stitt made a motion to close the nomination, Barbara Smith seconded and motion passed unanimously.  The vote to accept the slate as proposed will be held at the next meeting.

Jocelyn Durrance, Assistant Library Director, has compiled a list of thoughts and ideas submitted by library staff addressing the needs and the future of the library following the election. Kathy and Jocelyn proposed, and the board agreed, to close the library for one day on Sunday, April 14, so that all of the staff can meet together to discuss priorities as far as new services that should be offered and changes that need to be made to the library.


    April 3, 2013, noon

    May 1, 2013, noon

    June 12, 2013, noon

July 10, 2013, noon


Austine Stitt made a motion that the meeting be adjourned at 1:53. Judy Wrigley seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Judi Harris


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