Library Board Minutes

Meeting Date

Next Meeting: January 13, 2016


Old Power House

MINUTES of the regular meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees on November

11, 2015. The meeting was called to order at noon at 120 North Mill, the site of the once and

future Library. After a tour of the construction site, the group reassembled at the Old Power

House location at 1 p.m. to resume the meeting.

ROLL CALL: Trustees present: Austine Stitt, Judy Wrigley, Barbara Smith, Barbara Reid,

John Wilkinson and John Keleher. Judi Harris was not in attendance. Also present: County

Librarian Kathy Chandler.

PUBLIC COMMENT: There was no public comment.


Austine Stitt moved that the minutes of the Special Meeting on October 13, 2015 be approved.

Judy Wrigley seconded this motion which passed unanimously.


Kathy apprised the full Board of the work done by the fundraising committee since the

last meeting. She referenced the recent letter sent to targeted donors as well as the mailing piece

going out shortly to a large group of potential donors.

Kathy informed the Board that a recent donor has given the use of his A to Z Database to

the Library for one year. This will be available to the public.

The Board of County Commissioners has requested the use of the new Community

Meeting Room for its regular Tuesday meetings and for an unspecified number of Wednesday

meetings for a period of 18 months while the County’s facility is under construction. The Board

requested Kathy to discuss this further with the County and advise the Board at the January



Community Meeting Room Policy – The Board agreed to begin work on this matter at

the January meeting.

Budget – Kathy presented the Proposed Budget for 2016. The Board agreed to review

the budget at the January meeting. John Keleher moved that the 2016 budget be approved on

first reading, subject to revision. Barbara Smith seconded. The motion passed with no dissent.

ADOURNMENT: Judy Wrigley moved that the meeting be adjourned. Barbara Smith seconded

the motion which passed with all in favor.


February 10, 2016 noon

March 9, 2016 noon


Respectfully submitted,

Austine Stitt

Acting Secretary