Library Board Minutes

Meeting Date

Next Meeting: April 5, 2017


Hotpicks Meeting Room

Amended MINUTES of the regular meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees on

March 8, 2017. The meeting was called to order at 12:04.

ROLL CALL: Trustees present: John Wilkinson, Barbara Reid, Judy Wrigley, Barbara Smith,

John Keleher, Austine Stitt, and Judi Harris. Also present: Kathy Chandler, County Librarian,

Martha Durgy, Reference Librarian, and Jon Busch.

PUBLIC COMMENT: There was no public comment.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Austine Stitt made a motion that the Minutes of the meeting on

February 8, 2017, be approved as submitted. The motion was seconded by Barbara Smith and

passed unanimously.

NEW BUSINESS: Jon Busch presented attendance figures and expenses and income for his film

series over the winter. He indicated that he would like to continue to present the films at the

library. Kathy will continue to check on possible solutions and costs for adding blackout

curtains in the Dunaway Meeting Room.

LIBRARIAN’S Report: Kathy will meet soon with the County staff to look at the current

cleaning contract and to estimate costs for bringing the service in-house.

TRUSTEE COMMENTS: A patron of the library suggested to Barbara Reid that it would be

helpful if we had a printed list of the movies available at the library. The Board agreed and

suggested that the list should be posted on the website as well.

OLD BUSINESS: The Board reviewed the policy on controversial material and procedures for

dealing with complaints of patrons and staff concerning certain materials.


made a motion that the Board retain the current slate of officers. Barbara Smith seconded the

motion which passed unanimously. Officers are as follows:

President, John Wilkinson

Vice President, Austine Stitt

Secretary, Judi Harris

Treasurer, Barbara Reid


April 5, 2017


May 10, 2017

June 14, 2017

ADJOURNMENT: Motion was made by Austine Stitt to adjourn the meeting at 1:46. The

motion was seconded by Judy Wrigley and passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Judi Harris