Library Board Minutes

Meeting Date

Next Meeting:  July 11, 2018


Library Hot Picks Room

MINUTES of the regular meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees on June 6, 2018.  The meeting was called to order at 12:05.

ROLL CALL:  Trustees present:  John Wilkinson, Judy Wrigley, Judi Harris, and alternates Elizabeth Nix and David Bentley.  Austine Stitt, Barbara Reid, Barbara Smith and John Keleher were not present.  Also attending was Kathy Chandler.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  There was no public comment.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:   A motion was made by Judy Wrigley and seconded by Elizabeth Nix to approve the Minutes of the meeting on May 2, 2018, as read.  The motion passed unanimously.

TRUSTEE COMMENTS:  John Wilkinson reported on his trip to the ALA meeting in Washington.  He met with the senators from Colorado discussing legislation concerning libraries.

Elizabeth Nix complimented library staff on a successful Summer Kick-off Party.

OLD BUSINESS:  At the May 2 meeting, the Board approved on first reading a change from the current library policy for “LIBRARY SPONSORED PROGRAMS AND SERVICES” to “LIBRARY SPONSORED AND CO-SPONSORED PROGRAMS AND SERVICES”.  At the June 6 meeting, the Board approved the proposed revision on second reading.  Following is the approved policy:

8.2 Library Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Programs and Services”

Ultimate responsibility for programming at the Library rests with the County Librarian who administers under the authority of the Board of Trustees.  Designated staff to whom responsibility has been delegated make all decisions about program topics, speakers, and accompanying resources using these criteria:

  • Relevance to community interests and issues

  • Availability of program space

  • Treatment of content for intended audience

  • Presentation quality

  • Presenter background/qualifications in content area

  • Budget

  • Connection to other community programs, exhibitions or events

In addition, the Library draws upon other community resources in developing programs and actively partners with other community agencies, organizations, educational and cultural institutions, or individuals to develop and present co-sponsored public programs.  Professional programs, performers, and presenters will not be excluded from consideration because of their origin, background, or views. Library staff who present programs do so as part of their regular job and are not hired as outside contractors for programming.

All Library programs are open to the public.  A fee may be charged for certain types of Library programs.  The Library’s philosophy of open access to information and ideas extends to Library programming, and the library does not knowingly discriminate through its programming.  Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program or the views expressed by participants. Program topics, speakers, and resources are not excluded from programs because of possible controversy.

Registration may be required for planning purposes or when space is limited.  Age requirements for attendance at programs targeted to specific age groups may be invoked. .  Life safety codes are observed, and attendance may be limited by space. Programs may be held on site or off site.  Any sales of products at Library programs must be approved by the County Librarian. Programs are not used for the solicitation of business.

External organizations or individuals partnering with the Library must coordinate marketing efforts with the Library.

Requests for review of programs will be considered in the same manner as requests for reconsideration of library materials.

Scheduled groups of up to 30 may visit the Library for instruction.  Groups of children must be accompanied by an adult supervisor.


    July 11, 2018

    August 8, 2018

ADJOURNMENT:  At 12:45 a motion was made by Judi Harris and seconded by Judy Wrigley to adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Judi Harris