Library Board Minutes

Meeting Date

Next Meeting:  January 16, 2019


William R. Dunaway Community Meeting Room

MINUTES of the regular meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees on November 14, 2018.  The meeting was called to order at 12:05 pm.

ROLL CALL:  Trustees present:  Judy Wrigley, Barbara Reid, Barbara Smith, John Wilkinson, Austine Stitt, and alternate member David Bentley.  Trustees John Keleher, Judi Harris, and alternate Elizabeth Nix were absent. Also attending were County Librarian Kathy Chandler and staff member Tom Egan.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  There was no public comment.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  A motion was made by John Wilkinson and seconded by Judy Wrigley to approve the Minutes of the Meeting on October 10, 2018.  The motion was passed unanimously.

TRUSTEE COMMENTS:  Barbara Reid suggested that it may be productive for the Library Board and Staff to get involved in the planning process for the landscape/pathway design of the Galena Street Plaza given that the City of Aspen voters voted in favor of this location for the new City Hall.  Barbara will reach out to a City of Aspen Council Member.

John Wilkinson informed the Board of Trustees that although ALA has cancelled the National Legislative Day in Washington, D.C., CAL will still go to Washington, D.C. next year.

Elizabeth (absent today) told Barbara Reid that Shannon did a great job with the International Games Days recently.


LIBRARIAN’S REPORT:  The potluck dinner will be held December 2, 2018 at 6 pm.

The Budget as it relates to the Employee Housing Fund was discussed.  John Wilkinson and Kathy Chandler may meet with the head of APCHA to discuss rental vs. purchase options.

NEW BUSINESS:  Kathy Chandler explained the current policy pertaining to dogs in the Library.  They must be on leash. Emotional support dogs are not permitted.

The Board and Tom Egan discussed ideas for new types of Material Lending materials.  Many ideas were put forth, including but not limited to the pros and cons of cross country ski equipment, snowshoes, fishing rods and telescopes.  It was suggested that staff contact the Telluride Public Library to get input. A subcommittee of Tom Egan, John Wilkinson, Jennifer Hearn, Shannon Foster, and Barbara Smith was appointed.


December 2, 2018, Holiday Potluck for volunteers (6pm)

January 16, 2019

February 13, 2019

March 13, 2019

ADJOURNMENT:  A motion was made by Austine Stitt and seconded by Barbara Smith to adjourn the meeting at 1:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Wrigley