Library Board Minutes

Meeting Date

Next Meeting:  August 12, 2015 Noon Old Power House


MINUTES  of the regular meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees on July 8, 2015.  The meeting was called to order at 12:08.


ROLL CALL:  Trustees present:  Austine Stitt, Judy Wrigley, Barbara Smith, Barbara Reid, John Wilkinson, John Keleher and Judi Harris.    Also attending:  County Librarian Kathy Chandler, Pitkin County Facilities Manager Jodi Smith, Owner’s Representative Dave Detwiler, Judy Clauson and Katie McIntyre, procurement manager for Pitkin County.


PUBLIC COMMENT:  There was no public comment.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  A motion was made by Austine Stitt  and seconded by Barbara Reid to approve the minutes of the June 10, 2015, meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.


ARCHITECTURAL COMTRACT RENEWAL:  A motion was made by John Keleher to authorize Jodi Smith, Dave Detweiler and Katie McIntyre to negotiate the change order/contract amendment for additional services dated on June 6, 2015, for a total guaranteed maximum price of $1,664,000.00 excluding reimbursement costs.  The motion was seconded by Barbara Smith and passed unanimously.


BUDGET FOR LIBRARY EXPANSION AND REMODEL:  A motion was made by Austine Stitt to authorize Kathy Chandler to request that the Board of County Commissioners appropriate $2,866,246.00 to the capital project and also request an additional $900,000.00  be appropriated to the capital project.


FUNDRAISING:  Judy Clausen presented a mock-up of the fundraising newsletter for fall.


NEW BOARD APPOINTMENT:  John Keleher has been appointed to fill the vacancy on the Library Board.  




AUGUST 12, 2015




ADJOURNMENT:  A motion was made by Barbara Smith and seconded by Barbara Reid to adjourn the meeting at 2:16.


Respectfully submitted,

Judi Harris,



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