Board Minutes

Meeting Date

Next Meeting: February 12, 2020


Library Hot Picks Room

MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees on

January 8, 2020.

ROLL CALL: Trustees present: Barbara Reid, Barbara Smith, Austine Stitt, and John

Wilkinson. Also present was alternate trustee Elizabeth Nix. Judy Wrigley, Judi Harris, and

John Keleher were not present. County Librarian Kathy Chandler attended as did staff members

Martha Durgy, Susan Keenan and Carol McArdell.

Mike Tunte, land architect and construction manager of the Parks Department attended together

with City Facilities and Property Manager Jeff Pendarvis and consultant for the City of Aspen

Kathleen Wanatowicz. Architect Charles Cuniffe was present as well.

PUBLIC COMMENT: There was no public comment.

TRUSTEES’ COMMENTS: There were none.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Barbara Reid moved that the Minutes of the November 13, 2019,

meeting be approved as submitted. Austine Stitt seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

OLD BUSINESS: Mike Tunte reviewed the landscape design work proposed for the Galena

Plaza. He presented various options and responded to questions and concerns from the Board

and the staff. This input will be useful for the two workshops to be held January 22. At this

point, Mike Tunte, Jeff Pendarvis, Kathleen Wanatowicz, and Charles Cuniffe left the meeting.

LIBRARIAN’S REPORT: Kathy’s annual evaluation needs to be submitted to the County.

Austine Stitt moved that the Board move into Executive Session. Barbara Smith seconded this

motion which passed with no dissent. After discussion, Barbara Smith moved to end Executive

Session. Barbara Reid seconded this motion which passed unanimously.


Barbara Smith made the motion to establish the front display case of the library for posting

notices of Library Board meeting agendas for the new year. Elizabeth Nix seconded the motion.

All voted in favor.

The Board discussed establishing public exhibits for portions of the year in the Library

Commons. Kathy and staff will look into the idea of finding out more about the ALA and the

Library of Congress traveling exhibits.

Kathy said that there is the possibility of positioning a jigsaw map of the County in the library.

She may also look into a topographical map for the inside curved wall at the Galena Plaza

entrance side of the library.

Kathy also reported that 19 events were held at the library during Aspen's 12 Days of Christmas.

The events were very successful with a total of 341 people attending.

Kathy has more information about library fines. If any Board member would like to see the

information, please let Kathy know, and she will send the details to you by email.

Barbara Smith is going to submit some landscape comments to John Wilkinson. John will send

these comments on to the Board for review and then on to Mike Tunte, who is the landscape

architect for the City’s Galena Plaza project. Mike requested that we submit comments ahead of

the City’s January 22nd meeting about the Plaza design at the library.


February 12

March 11

April 8

May 13

June 10

Meeting adjournment was at 1:50pm. Proposed by Barbara Reid and seconded by Barbara

Smith. All were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Austine N. Stitt and Barbara Reid

Acting Secretaries