Board Minutes

Meeting Date

Next Meeting: March 13, 2019 Noon

Dunaway Community Meeting Room

Amended MINUTES of the regular meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees on

January 16, 2019.

ROLL CALL: Trustees present: Barbara Reid, Austine Stitt, John Wilkinson, John Keleher,

Judi Harris and alternate Elizabeth Nix. Judy Wrigley and Barbara Smith were not present.

County Librarian Kathy Chandler attended. Also present were staff members Allison Alexander,

Genevieve Smith, Marth Durgy, Tom Egan and Charlie Blackmer. County Representatives Tom

Oken, Phylis Mattice, and Jodi Smith attended as well.

PUBLIC COMMENT: There was no public comment.


agenda for each meeting be posted in the display case at the entrance to the Library.


Austine Stitt informed the Board of a concern by Toni Kronberg who felt the computer

stations were too close together.


Kathy reported on the status of the elevator repairs. She described the purchase of a set of

laptops for patron checkout and use in the Library. She informed the Board of alternate Trustee

David Bentley’s resignation. She explained that Phylis Mattice will be the Library’s main

contact person going forward. Kathy gave the Board her job evaluation forms for examination

and comment.

An Annual Meeting Duty Annual Meeting Duties - Posting of the Agenda. Judy Wrigley moved

that the agenda for each meeting be posted in the display case at the entrance to the Library.


Staff members Genevieve Smith, Martha Durgy, and Charlie Blackmer gave a presentation of

the new program, Resourceful U. They covered how the staff is being trained and how the

program will be presented to the public to help patrons become aware of the databases and

streaming on-line resources available through the Library.

Tom Oken spent part of his penultimate day as County Treasurer briefing the Board on the

state of the Library’s investments. Kathy presented him with a book and flowers and thanked

him for his oversight and TLC of the Library funds.

Phylis Mattice explained the County restructuring and how it would affect the Library.

Judi Harris moved that the Board approve the Library computer policy on first reading. John

Keleher seconded the motion which passed with no dissent.


Tom Egan reported on his efforts to determine whether the Library should engage in lending

out items other than traditional Library materials. He has been in contact with the Telluride

library to see how their program is faring. Discussion followed about what items might work

and what considerations needed to be factored in. Tom will continue his investigation.


February 13

March 13

April 10

May 15

June 12

July 10


On motion of Austine Stitt, seconded by Barbara Reid, the Board voted unanimously to move on

to its post-meeting agenda.

On motion of John Keleher, seconded by Judi Harris, the Board voted unanimously to go into

Executive Session for the purpose of discussing a personnel issue which was the annual

performance review of the County Librarian.

On motion of Austine Stitt, seconded by John Keleher, the Board voted unanimously to move

out of Executive Session.

ADJOURMNENT: On motion of Judi Harris, seconded by John Keleher, the Board voted

unanimously to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,

Austine N. Stitt,

Acting Secretary