Board Minutes

Meeting Date

Next Meeting: June 10, 2020


William R. Dunaway Community Meeting Room

MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees on March 11,


ROLL CALL: Trustees present: Barbara Smith, Austine Stitt, John Wilkinson, John Keleher,

and Judi Harris. Alternate Trustee Elizabeth Nix was also present. Not present: Judy Wrigley

and Barbara Reid. County Librarian Kathy Chandler attended as did Acquisitions Assistant

Andrea Roskiewicz and Children’s Librarian Susan Keenan.

MINUTES: John Keleher moved to approve the minutes of the February 12, 2020, meeting.

Judi Harris seconded his motion which passed with no dissent.

PUBLIC COMMENT: There was no public comment.


John Wilkinson reported that he is planning to attend the ALA meeting in D.C. on May 5

if it is not canceled. He expressed concern that the children’s story hours were poorly attended

recently due to concerns surrounding the corona virus pandemic and suggested that the Library

offer a virtual story time.

The Board discussed the efforts by the Library to prevent the spread of the Covid-19.

Kathy explained that the staff wipes the public computers with sanitizer after each use, had hand

sanitizer readily available, and had put the toys away.


Kathy reported that Galena Plaza will not be renamed, per Mike Tunte. There will be

meetings on April 8 and April 20 on issues relating to the design and landscaping. He concurred

with the Library position of more green and fewer trees.


The Board did a first reading of Policy Revision on Overdue Fines. Austine Stitt moved

that the Board approve the first reading of the circulation and renewals policy with amendments

to be addressed at the April 8 meeting. Barbara Smith seconded the motion which carried



Kathy apprised the Board of the County’s current position on COVID-19.

Acquisitions Assistant Andrea Roskiewicz informed the Board about her responsibilities

in Technical Services and how she deals with books, DVDs, and CDs from the time they arrive

until they appear on the shelves. Kathy said that Andrea “makes a book look like a library



On motion of Barbara Smith, seconded by Judi Harris, the meeting was adjourned by

unanimous consent.


April 8

May 13

June 10

July 8

August 12

Respectfully submitted,

Austine N. Stitt

Acting Secretary