Board Minutes

Meeting Date

Next Meeting: May 12, 2021


Library Clocktower

MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees on April 14,


ROLL CALL: Trustees present: Austine Stitt, John Wilkinson, and John Keleher. Judi Harris,

Barbara Reid, Barbara Smith, and Judy Wrigley attended via Zoom. Alternate Trustee Elizabeth

Nix was not present. Jordan Bacheldor facilitated the Zoom part of the meeting. County

Librarian Kathy Chandler attended as did Assistant Directors Susan Keenan and Genevieve

Smith. Also attending by Zoom were Jodi Smith, Facilities Director for Pitkin County, Brady

Jax of the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Department, Judge James Boyd, Lynn Reed, and Jonna

Goldstone from the Courts and Jeff Pendarvis from the City of Aspen.

MINUTES: Austine Stitt moved to approve the minutes of the March 10, 2021 meeting.

Barbara Smith seconded the motion which passed with no dissent.

PUBLIC COMMENT: There was no public comment.


Barbara Reid expressed the appreciation of the Board to retiring Assistant Director Susan



Kathy requested that the Board adopt A Proclamation in Appreciation of Susan Keenan’s

Library Career. John Wilkinson did an eloquent reading of the Proclamation which the Board

unanimously adopted. Kathy presented Susan with an album of her Library career, together with

a do-it-yourself Proclamation kit; some assembly required.

Susan presented a letter to the Board expressing her gratitude for their support throughout

her career here.

Kathy informed the Board that, with regret, she has forwarded the intent of long-serving

trustee John Keleher to resign from the Board. She read a letter she had written in 2011 in

support of John’s nomination to the Aspen Hall of Fame. She pointed out, that in addition to all

the service John has rendered to the community, he served as the Library’s “owner’s rep” during

the construction of the Library - at no charge.

Kathy has met with Alan Fletcher and Asadour Santourian from the Aspen Music

Festival and School. They agreed that providing access to faculty and students to archival

recordings of their performances that the Library has catalogued would be considered

“educational fair use” under the copyright law.


Request to Use the Dunaway Room: James Boyd, Chief Judge of the Ninth Judicial District,

wrote to the Library Board requesting consideration of the room’s use by the Pitkin County

Courts while the courthouse is undergoing renovation, possibly beginning in March, 2022,

lasting 4 to 6 months. Judge Boyd joined the meeting via Zoom and explained what kind of use

he is requesting during this time. Discussion followed as to the frequency and type of use as

well as attendant security issues. Judge Boyd emphasized the importance of not delaying jury

trials. He asked the Board to consider the Court’s use of the Dunaway Room on certain days

from time to time. John Keleher moved to accept the exploration of working with the courts

during the County remodel of the second floor of the Courthouse. Austine Stitt seconded the

motion which passed unanimously.

First Reading of proposed policy revision of Library Hours 9.1.

The Board approved on motion of Barbara Reid, seconded by Judi Harris,

these hours of operation:

9-7 Monday - Thursday

9-6 Friday and Saturday

12 noon - 5 Sunday


Review of COVID Phased Service Levels: The Board agreed that when the Coronameter

goes to Blue and the Library can reopen as a “browsing Library”, we should wait one to two

weeks, out of an abundance of caution.

Update on the City of Aspen’s Revision of the Plaza Landscaping Plan: Jeff Pandarvis

joined the meeting via Zoom. He assured the Board that nothing had changed since the Board

had last reviewed the landscape design with the City landscape staff. He stated his beleif that the

Board was in the loop with regard to any changes. Discussion ensued about a revision proposed

by Bill Stirling and Harry Teague; costs were way beyond budget. Kathy asked for the

drawings of the latest design the Board had seen.

Review Suggested Procedures for Approval of Staff Training, Continuing Education, and

professional Committee Work: Genevieve Smith highlighted the procedures she drafted to give

staff the opportunity to apply for various professional volunteer and education opportunities.

The procedures received tacit approval from the Board.

Employee Housing: The Board briefly discussed a building on Main Street where units

had recently been purchased by some other public entities for their employees, but the price

(average $750,000 per two bedroom unit) was prohibitive. The Board suggested the library be

considered with County inquiries as they are made by a real estate agent whose services they

have engaged.


On motion of John Keleher, seconded by Judi Harris, the meeting was adjourned by

unanimous consent.


May 12

June 9

July 14

August 11

Respectfully submitted,

Austine N. Stitt

Acting Secretary