Board Minutes

Meeting Date

Next Meeting: October 12, 2022 Noon

William R. Dunaway Community Room

MINUTES of the regular meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees on September

14, 2022.

The meeting was called to order at 12:05 PM.

ROLL CALL: Trustees present: John Wilkinson, Ashley Connolly, Barbara Reid, Austine Stitt,

and Elizabeth Nix. County Librarian Kathy Chandler and potential Board member Audrey Ellis

also attended. Barbara Smith, Trustee, and Alternates Anna Scott and Elizabeth Stewart-Severy

were unable to attend.



APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Austine Stitt moved to approve the meeting minutes of August 10,

2022. Elizabeth Nix seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

LIBRARIANS REPORT: Kathy provided a document showing all Board members’ term

expiration dates which is included here for our reference:

Ashley Connolly April 1, 2023

Audrey Ellis, Alternate April 1, 2026

Elizabeth Nix April 1, 2025

Barbara Reid April 1, 2025

Anna Scott, Alternate April 1, 2026

Barbara Smith April 1, 2023

Elizabeth Stewart-Severy April 1, 2023

Austine Stitt April 1 2026

John Wilkinson April 1, 2024

Discussion ensued as to whether or not to publish Board members’ emails online. Determined

that we would provide a sentence online stating that if someone wanted to contact a Board

member they should first contact the library’s email address and a

library staff member will provide the Board member’s email address.

Projector will be installed on Cabrini Day as the library will be closed.


Snowmass Village Library Station: Trustees discussed the latest updates on the Snowmass

Village Library Station. We will continue to work on progress with TOSV representatives to

move forward with this project.


Discussion of Succession Plan: Kathy’s tentative retirement date is late winter or early spring.

A sub-committee was formed (Elizabeth Nix, Barbara Reid and John Wilkinson) to work on

hiring a new head librarian.

Second Reading of Policy Revisions for Reconsideration of Materials: Trustees reviewed the

second draft of policy revisions and made several minor changes to the document. After a

thorough review, Barbara Reid motioned to approve the revised policy on second reading, and

Austine Stitt seconded the motion which passed unanimously. The revised policy is as follows:


4.6.1 Controversial Issues

The Library has a responsibility to keep on its shelves a representative selection of materials on all

subjects of interest to its readers, including books on controversial questions.

Censorship of books, urged or practiced by volunteer arbiters of morals or political opinion or by

organizations which would establish a coercive concept of Americanism, must be challenged by libraries

in maintenance of their responsibility to provide public information and enlightenment through the

recorded word.

A. Labels. The Library shall not use labels, or other devices, to indicate particular philosophies outlined in

a book as subversive or dangerous; to do so is to establish in a reader’s mind a judgment before the

reader has had the opportunity to examine the book personally.

B. Challenges by Patrons. The Library collection is the commonweal of the members of Pitkin County

Library’s community. As the collection is supported by local taxpayers, challenges to remove access to

items in that collection will only be considered if presented by members of the community who hold

valid Pitkin County Library cards and who are either permanent residents of the district or own property

in the district. Patrons are free to suggest that certain materials be removed from the collection. Forms

are available from the County Librarian for this purpose. Upon receipt of such a request, the following

steps will be used to address concerns about a Library resource:

1. If a concerned patron is dissatisfied with informal discussion questioning inclusion of an item in the

collection, that person will be offered a packet of materials that includes the Library’s mission

statement, the Selection of Books and Other Materials policy, a reconsideration form, the American

Library Association’s Freedom to Read statement, and the Library Bill of Rights.

2. The Library patron must complete the Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials Form and

submit it to the County Librarian. The Library will take appropriate action to ensure that the item will

continue to be available in the collection during the duration of this process. The patron’s name will be

held in confidence.

3. The County Librarian will appoint a review committee consisting of three professional Library staff,

which may include the Assistant Library Director, Managerial Librarian, Collection Development staff, or

a subject specialist. Copies of the material in question will be made available to each member of the


4. Each committee member will review the item in question, review relevant library policy, and the

submitted “Reconsideration of Materials” form. As part of the consideration process, the committee

shall also research reviews from recognized sources and evaluate the item’s Library circulation history.

5. Within 30 days, the committee will submit a written recommendation to the County Librarian. The

County Librarian will inform the Library Board of Trustees of the committee’s recommendation and the

County Librarian’s decision, and will respond in writing to the library patron regarding the outcome.

Committee members’ names will not be attributed. A brief explanation will be provided.

6. If the patron is not satisfied with the decision, a written appeal may be submitted to the Board of

Trustees within 10 days.

7. If the Board plans to address the appeal, the individual will be notified of when and where the

meeting will be held. A patron appealing a staff decision may only remain anonymous through a written

appeal to the Library Board. Such an appeal shall not exceed 500 words and should include copies of the

original Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials Form and the committee’s written

recommendation. If the patron appealing a staff decision wishes to address the Board in person, in the

name of transparency, the patron’s name will be made publicly available as the submission is discussed

as an agenda item at a meeting subject to the Colorado Open Records Act. The Board of Trustees

reserves the right to limit the length of public comment to ten minutes. The Library Board will

reconsider the decision based on whether or not the particular item conforms to the general criteria

outlined in the Board-approved Selection of Books and Other Materials policy.

8. The Board of Trustees shall then make the final determination of the matter, notifying the library

patron in writing of this action, in a timely manner.

9. The decision of the Board is final. The completed decision on reconsideration of a specific title shall

remain in effect for three years.

Trustees discussed the surveillance camera issue. Upon first reading of policy 6.3, Austine Stitt

motioned to approve the policy on first reading, Ashley Connolly seconded and the motion

passed unanimously.

Trustees reviewed the second draft of the library budget. Austine Stitt motioned to approve the

budget. Barbara Reid seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

FUTURE MEETING DATES: Oct 12, Nov. 9, Holiday volunteer potluck December 4.

ADJOURNMENT: A motion was made at 1:30 to adjourn the meeting and passed unanimously.


Ashley Connolly