Store your barcode on your smartphone

1. Download the App "Stocard"

2. If you still have your library card, click the "+" sign in Stocard "Other Card", center the barcode in the middle of the red rectangle and save your barcode.

3. If you do not have your card, go to the following site on your computer

Click Advanced Options and make sure to pick "Code 39" under Symbology. Enter your barcode and generate barcode. On your smartphone, click the "+" sign In Key RIng and Add Card, center the barcode on the computer screen in the middle of the red rectangle on your smartphone and save your barcode. Store the barcode for PCL. Click “Select a store“ then “Other Retailer not listed” and type the name under which you want to store your barcode, click Next.

4. When using your smartphone at the kiosk, the usual barcode reader has too small an opening. Wave your hand in the bigger opening, where materials' RFIDs are read and you will notice red crosshairs will appear. That is where you need to place your barcode