3D Printer Trainings & Workshops

two 3d printers are on a high top table in a green room.
a mac computer sits next to a mini lulzbot 3d printer on a high top table.

Weekly 3D Printer Trainings

Learn how to use our Lulzbot Mini 2 safely so that you can come at a later date and work on your own projects.

Open training spots are now available every Friday and Saturday between 9am-2pm, the last time slot being 1pm. Trainings are 1-1.5 hours long depending on questions and experience. 

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No previous experience is necessary. For ages 13+.

3D Printer Workshops

Pitkin County Library is excited to invite you to a new, completely re-designed 3D printing workshop for kids aged 12-18. Learn how to design, prototype, and iterate your ideas from scratch quickly and efficiently with the help of 3D printing, 3D scanning, and 3D Modeling tools. The workshop's goal is to provide a solid understanding of the complete process:  ideation - design - fabrication, and moving beyond the limits of desktop 3D printing. Whether you are new to the technology or want to advance your knowledge further, you are welcome to join us.

In addition, in between those bi-weekly workshops, you can use the library 3D printers to play, test, and make anything that brings you excitement. Join us to start creating!

Nencho Genov, a local resident and library volunteer, is leading this workshop. Nencho is an early technology adopter and has vast experience with 3D Design, 3D scanning, and 3D printing. He's been teaching and consulting 3D printing through the valley for several years. His goal is to provide practical advice and make the technology more accessible for those who may need it or find it interesting. 

Upcoming Dates

Check back for upcoming events.