Library Board Minutes

Meeting Date

Next Meeting: May 10, 2023 


William R. Dunaway Community Room 

MINUTES of the regular meeting of the Pitkin County Library Board of Trustees on April 12, 2023. The meeting was called to order at 12:07 PM. 

ROLL CALL: Trustees present: John Wilkinson, Ashley Connolly, Elizabeth Nix, Barbara Reid, Anna Scott, Austine Stitt, Elizabeth Stewart-Severy. Alternates present: Audrey Ellis, Heather Kendrick. Staff: Genevieve Smith. Guest: Brett Bergman - Pitkin County Risk Management.


TRUSTEE COMMENTS: Barbara Reid commented on the great email blasts sent from the library with such great programming. Board agreed with a job well done by staff 

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Austine Stitt moved to approve the meeting minutes of March 2. 2023,  Anna Scott seconded the motion which passed unanimously. 


Genevieve reported that Ashley Connolly, Anna Scott, Heather Kendrick and Audrey Ellis’s renewals and applications were officially approved by BOCC for their board terms. 

Snowmass Village project update: Request to hire David Detwiler as Library’s owner rep was approved by BOCC. The selection committee will decide on architects in the next month. 

Facilities update: Genevieve reported on the update of sliding doors, projector and the library roof. Library Signage: The city of Aspen has approved our signage application, the next step is fabrication. OLD BUSINESS 

John Wilkinson reported on his ALA legislative visit. 


2nd reading of bylaws. Trustees reviewed the bylaws carefully and updated changes. Anna Scott motioned to approve the 2nd reading of the bylaws. Ashley Connolly seconded and it passed unanimously. Audrey Ellis voted as an alternate, replacing Ashley Connolly). Motion to pass the first reading of the bylaws (changes that were in cursive on document). Anna Scott motioned to approve the first reading. Barbara Red seconded and it passed unanimously. 

1st reading of new section of bylaws 6.3.2. Use of Library by Minors. Audrey (voting as alternate, replacing Ashley Connolly) motioned to approve the first reading of Policy 6.3.2., Elizabeth Nix 2nded, and it passed unanimously. 

The SMV selection committee is meeting this Friday at 1 to interview 4 finalists for the SMV library station RFP. 


Barbara Reid motioned to dismiss the meeting at 1:55 pm, Anna Scott seconded the motion, all in favor. 

FUTURE MEETING DATES: April 12, May 10, June 14, July 12 


Ashley Connolly